The Westhive Innovation Ecosystem

Where innovators from startups and enterprises meet

Westhive Innovation Ecosystem

An ecosystem is characterized by the network of interactions among its members as well as the interaction of its members with their environment.

Westhive brings together startups and corporations, as well as investors & accelerators, science & education and service companies & freelancers. This unique combination enables a powerful Innovation Ecosystem, that strengthens all its coworking members.

Community Events

Westhive regularly organizes events with top-class speakers or exciting activities for its members. This allows Westhive members to exchange ideas and broaden their horizons.

Westhive Thirsday

At AfterCoWork every Thursday you have the opportunity to meet our newest Westhive members, enjoy fantastic drinks and antipasti, exchange ideas with other coworkers or simply move your meeting to our Westhive kitchen over a cold beer.

Westhive Bier um 4

On Friday we start the weekend with the Westhive Bier um Vier. From 4 to 6 pm we offer free beer for our members. Non-members are also very welcome to join us for an inspiring end of the week, an exchange of ideas and to get in the mood for the weekend.

Pancakes & Muesli

At Pancakes & Müesli, successful founders and entrepreneurs take us on their way from a one-man business to an established company, tell about the ups and downs of the founder’s existence and give practical advice. We always look forward to starting the day with exciting discussions, delicious pancakes and homemade Birchermüesli.

Westhive Member Night

What would a coworking space be without its community? Right, an empty office. Our Westhive community is growing steadily, new members are joining, existing companies are expanding. We now have over 370 people working on a wide variety of projects under our roof. At Member Night several people introduce themselves, their company and their activities in a relaxed setting.

Hands-on Strategy Session

At Westhive Strategy Session we present precious hands-on tips on various business topics in a Nutshell. In short presentations of 20-25 min, experts present selected practical tips and important learnings on startup relevant topics. Of course, our speakers can be relentlessly questioned, and the opportunity can be used to ask concrete questions about your business.

Westhive Töggeliturnier

At the Westhive Töggeli tournament enthusiastic players, amateurs and legends fight for the coveted Westhive Töggeli championship title.

Westhive Movie Night

Westhive Movie Night is the highlight for all movie fans. We present selected movies and transform our event location into a cosy lounge.

Westhive Oktoberfest

Bavarian Weisswürste, hearty pretzels, Weissbier & good friends: What else do you need? Co-partying is reinvented at the Westhive Oktoberfest.