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Kitchen Battles and cooking classes - work and enjoy
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After the work is done, you can dine in unique surroundings with us, of course, you can also simply skip the creative part and directly organize a dinner with friends. In our Living Room with fireplace and lounge, which offers generous space for 8 to 24 people, you can enjoy unforgettable evenings with your colleagues, friends, acquaintances or relatives. Our amazing cooks will be more than happy to cook for you. If the weather is nice, we organize an aperitif on our large terrace with a view of the Uetliberg and the urban district 5.

Kitchen Battles and cooking classes – work and enjoy

If you and your team would rather do it yourself, we will be happy to organize a “Kitchen Battle” for you in our 50m2 “I’d like to have one like that at home” kitchen. Or have you always wanted to know how to prepare Spanish tapas and not just eat them? Our cook will be happy to introduce you to the secrets of Spanish tapas cuisine. Or he will show you how to prepare fresh pasta like in Italy. 
For details you can contact us anytime.

Westhive Rooftop Terrace
Westhive Living Room
Meal preparation at Westhive Rooftop Kitchen
Kitchen crew at work at Westhive Rooftop Kitchen
Westhive Living Room Event Location
Westhive Rooftop Kitchen
Westhive Rooftop Kitchen
Westhive Rooftop Terrace
Grill at Westhive Rooftop Terrace
View from Westhive Rooftop Terrace by night

Cooking classes


Traditional tapas or also interpreted ! A relaxed evening, a good group, a bottle of wine or sherry and a colorful selection of these small Mediterranean delicacies. Ibérico ham, chorizo, pulpo, pimientos or tortilla de patatas of course all with lots of love and allioli. Tapas are traditionally served in Spain. Now we are bringing the Spanish lifestyle to Westhive. Tapas is not just about eating, but about enjoyment, socializing and high spirits. Interested?

Plate with delicious tapas

Modern Swiss cuisine, Alpine to Mediterranean

Inspired by mountain and valley, characterized by tradition and regionality to the mild climate of the Mediterranean cuisine. We cook brute, seasonal, with products of agriculture and from nature. The fresh cow’s milk, the fish from clean waters and the game as well as plants from the mountains. Or simply: the alpine summit with Mediterranean lightness to bite. Interested?

Fish dish

Homemade Pasta

Pasta fatta in casa! From tagliatelle to cannelloni and lasagna to raviolo. Our chef can do them all and knows the art of homemade pasta. It takes patience and love, but when you see the result, it just makes you happy. Interested?

Freshly prepared pasta

Grosse Pièce

“Grosse Pièce”, the central dish from which everyone eats together. Whether as a good old Sunday roast, fish cooked whole or vegetables baked in one piece. It’s all about the big picture for everyone. One for all, all for one – enjoy your meal! Interested?

A roast is sliced


Living Foods

Everything that is still alive, the magic of fermentation.
We make a labneh with fresh vegetables and sourdough bread for aperitif, accompanied by wine, kombucha and kefir.
We’ll put on a sauerkraut, a little kimchi style, each to his own liking.
We’ll make vegetable pickles in vinegar.
We make our own BBQ sauce with kombucha and smoke it with the Smoking Gun.
We’ll make a miso porcbelly.
We make flatbreads and fill them with whatever we fermented beforehand.

Preserved foods

Nose to Tail

We process everything from deer, sow, lamb, veal, beef. We will bone, saw, make sausages.
From tartar to braised goulash we make everything. Interested?

PIece of raw meat

Hot Dog Battle

Everything has an end only the sausage has two and we make it ourselves. Also the bun, the green relish, the pickled cucumbers up to the roasted onions, we make everything ourselves. However, the hot dog variations know no end. We’ll measure your creativity in a hot dog battle – let the games begin! Interested?

Hot dog variations

Kitchen Battle

With a full shopping cart, you and your team create a four-course menu. This always includes one or two secret ingredients. Your opponent team and our chef as the expert jury will enjoy your culinary creations and judge each menu. So now swing your cooking spoons and let the games begin. Interested?

Fresh vegetables

Apéro – Fingerfood

Prepare the aperitif for the team event or the private party yourself and afterwards impress your guests with great appetizers. This will be learned in this course: how to create great finger food with simple ingredients.


Westhive Zurich Hardturm: How to get there

The tram station «Fischerweg» is situated exactly opposite of our coworking space. From «Zürich HB» train station, this is a 10 minute ride by Tram 17. And from «Bahnhof Hardbrücke» train station, this is a  7 minute ride by Tram 8. Click here for the timetable.

If you are travelling by car, please use the P West parking nearby.

And if you are coming from abroad: A taxi or public transport will take you from Zurich Airport to Westhive Zurich Hardturmstrasse in about half an hour.

Westhive Zürich Hardturm


Ramona Romer

Ramona Romer

Head of Community Services

Are you interested in more information about our Rooftop Kitchen, the cooking classes or the workshops? Contact us – we will be happy to help you.