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Strategic Growth Consulting – it’s all about results.

Much in the field of marketing and communication arises from a strongly inward-looking perspective. Agencies work with a lot of effort on sophisticated campaigns, which primarily have to do justice to the ideas of the customer and his brand. In the process, the focus on the economic goals of the campaign becomes more and more diluted, and as a result the effect of the measures taken often remains manageable.

By internalizing a growth-hacking mentality, you focus fully on the effect that your measures have on your top and bottom line – output becomes outcome. This is where Westhive Consulting can support you. Our team has experience in the old and new world of marketing and the skills necessary to take your marketing to the next level.



You have a promising Startup idea, a revolutionary new product but you are struggling to get it off the ground?  We are here to help!

Fully focussed on your product, resources tied up making sure operations run smoothly? We get it. Scaling a startup with limited resources can be tough.

Based on your business objectives and the maturity of your company we will develop a tailor-made growth strategy. Starting at your buying personas and user journeys, we will sharpen the product offering, define optimal conversion paths with KPIs and ifentify potentials for growth-focused marketing measures, providing you with a setup that enables you to hack your way to rapid growth.


Not a startup? Not a problem! We firmly believe that the growth hacking mindset and method is extremely relevant to mature companies and corporates.

Whether it is your goal to increase efficiency and ROI of your marketing efforts, the launch of a new product or a complete overhaul of your existing marketing strategy – we are here to support you.

Applying the customer centric, hands on approach that growth hacking teaches us, we identify and unlock growth potentials for your business and provide you with the setup and processes that enable you to focus on your company’s sustainable growth.


Would you like to get a taste of Growth Hacking and see what opportunities it could offer your company? Then our Kickstart Assessment is perfect for you: In a half-day workshop we focus on one of your challenges and take a look at your marketing setup. From this, we develop fields of action and a strategy on how we can overcome your challenge with Growth Hacking.



  • Half-day workshop, non-binding and risk-free. You decide if and how you want to continue after the workshop
  • Assessment of your current marketing strategy by our experts
  • Assessment of how Growth Hacking can be used to solve your problem
  • Solid output with concrete recommendations for action

Book your Kickstart Assessment now or simply let us know how we can support you!


Growth Hacking is a term that originated around Unicorn startups like AirBnB, Instagram and Dropbox.

For us today, it is nothing more than methodical best practice when it comes to successfully and efficiently marketing a product or service.

Above all, it is about developing a deep understanding of market conditions and customer behavior, focusing strongly on growth-relevant KPIs, measuring these continuously and concentrating tirelessly on increasing these KPIs. The key is to experiment and iterate until you find out what really works. Growth Hacks are the often small, clever measures that bring big results.




As a certified Hubspot partner and active user of these tools, we support you in setup, installation and use of the Hubspot Toolsuite.

Thank you for attending! Check out the review of “Growth Hacking Secrets”, our first event on the topic of growth hacking at Westhive.

On October 30 2019 we had the pleasure of hosting our first groth hacking event at Westhive. In our fully booked event space we got to listen to inspiring keynotes about methodology and best practice of growth hacking!