Growth Hacking

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What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking has its origins in the world of startups, especially those with digitally focused and thus easily scalable products and business models. Faced with the dilemma of needing to grow fast with only very limited financial resources, smart founders started to look for ways to increase their userbase fast and exponentially without having to invest huge sums into awareness campaigns such as TV ads and billboards.

Instead, they focused on truly understanding their customers’ behavior. By looking at their data, they identified crucial moments in the user journey that lead to conversion, or churn, respectively. By experimenting with small interventions in that user journey, they identified ways to exponentially increase their growth-relevant KPI.

In a nutshell: Understanding your customers on a deep level, measuring the right KPI and a relentless focus on increasing those KPI is what growth hacking is all about. The key is to experiment and iterate until you find out what truly works. The hacks we seek to accomplish are the small, clever shortcuts that bring big results.

What if I am not a startup?

It doesn’t matter. We believe that growth hacking is a mindset. It’s about moving away from the “spray and pray” approach of traditional advertising strategies and adopting a growth hacker’s point of view. This means focusing on experimenting with small things that might yield huge results, instead of betting on huge initiatives that might fail.

Our Approach to Growth Hacking

Here is where WHC can support you. Our team has experience in both the old and new world of marketing, which gives us the skillset to take your marketing efforts to the next level and focus on ROI like a true growth hacker. We assess your current marketing efforts and help you truly understand your customers in order to identify areas for potential growth hacks, develop strategies to increase your most relevant KPI and provide you with the technology and creative work that you need to make the magic happen.

Our Service Offering

Marketing Health Check

We will assess your marketing strategy, analyze the customer journey & experience and review the conversion funnels & KPIs. Thereof we will uncover untapped growth opportunities.

Growth Strategy

Based on your business objectives we will develop a tailor-made growth strategy. Starting at your buying personas, we will sharpen the product offering, define optimal conversion paths with KPIs and ideate the first growth hacks.

Setting The Stage

We will create an environment that allows for the iterative growth hacking process and that enables us to measure the progress of our growth hacking experiments. This includes the setup of marketing tools such as Hubspot or Google Analytics.

Growth Hacking

Together we will find growth hacks and prioritize the ones to implement first. By continuously measuring the results, we are able to draw the right conclusions on how to proceed and iterate until we exceed your growth goals.

Get a taste of growth hacking

Our Kickstart Assessment

Would you like to get a taste of Growth Hacking and see what opportunities it could bring to your business?
Then our Kickstart Assessment is perfect for you: In a 1-Day Workshop we will take a look at your marketing setup based on one of your challenges. Thereof we will uncover fields of action and draft a strategy, how growth hacking could tackle your challenge.

Your benefits

  • Learn what growth hacking is about
  • Get an outside view of your marketing setup
  • Have a taste of growth hacking in the context of your business
  • Receive recommendations of actions
  • Limited cost and risk


Certified Hubspot Partner

As a certified Hubspot Partner, we support you with the right setup, installation and application of the HubSpot tool suite. 

Go For Growth: 30. of October 2019

How growth hacking can create sustainable growth for your company: Westhive Consulting invites you to an exciting deep dive on growth hacking. Learn more about it on October 30, 2019.