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Enjoy your party or dinner events at our Rooftop Kitchen

Dinner with Friends

In our unique Rooftop Kitchen with a spacious terrace we will be happy to cook for you exclusively. Our excellent chef Jann Hoffmann will put together an unforgettable menu for you. Whether four, five or seven courses, whether with fish, meat or vegetarian – you decide. Weather permitting, the aperitif will be served by our professional catering crew on our beautiful terrace with an urban view over Zurich. Who wants to watch Jann cooking, learn tips and tricks. Just drop by his kitchen – there is enough space for that on the almost 60m2.
The stylishly furnished Westhive Living Room offers relaxed seating for up to 26 people for an exclusive dinner. And if you wish, you can enjoy an aperitif or digestif in the cozy lounge with fireplace while listening to a record from the good old sixties.

From 200.-CHF p. person* (minimum 16 guests)

Westhive Rooftop Kitchen

*Dinner with Friends includes water and a basic selection of wine. Service personnel costs will be charged according to effective effort. Number of guests 16 to 26.

Party with Friends

Unforgettable moments shape life – parties with good friends are definitely among such moments. A great party needs a cool kitchen, preferably with a beer tap, a balcony – even better a huge roof terrace – and a barbecue. Very important: no stuffy neighbors who mind the sound being louder than room volume even after 10pm.
If you’re looking for this setting in the middle of Zurich for you and your best 25 to 30 friends, you’ve come to the right place. Our Rooftop Kitchen with the Living Room and the terrace offers this unique setting for an experience that you and your friends will remember for a long time. Now you just have to let us know what is the right culinary setting for you and your friends:

Westhive Dinner Party


 The Westhive Kitchen is known for the unique Angus beef burger from the grill, which is of course also available with Beyond-Meat. It comes with crispy fries and a salad buffet, which of course includes coleslaw. You will enjoy freshly tapped Amboss beer and of course all other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks you wish.

From 65.- CHF p. person**


Are you a big lover of American baby spare ribs? Then the “Ribs and Baked Potatoes” option is just right for you. The baby ribs marinated for 48 hours in barbecue marinade have a large group of fans. Of course there is also a buffet with homemade salads.

From 65.- CHF p. person**


Or do you want to enjoy nice big pieces of meat from the grill? Then you should definitely opt for the “Big Cuts” evening. Whether it’s a Tomahawk steak in one piece, a US T-bone or a juicy rump steak with chimichurri sauce, our grill master will put everything on the grill for you. In addition we serve rosemary potatoes from the oven and fresh garden salads.

From 95.- CHF p. person**


In Switzerland, we also like to celebrate a successful summer party simply with an original St. Gallen bratwurst, homemade potato salad and a dark Bürli to go with it. Of course, the Dijon mustard must not be missing, even if the people of St. Gallen see it quite differently. If you feel like it, then our “Swiss Night” is just the right thing for you.

From 55.- CHF p. person**


If you want to make the unforgettable evening a little more exclusive, then we recommend the “Cocktail Night” option. Our bartender will mix you the most beautiful drinks, so that you almost feel like you are at a party of “The Great Gatsby”.

From 12.- CHF p. Drink**


And if you want to end the evening with something sweet, we are happy to offer you the “Italian Gelato” option. Real Italian ice cream in small cups.

From 7.- CHF p. person**

**Party with Friends includes water and a barrel of Amboss beer (20Liter). Minimum guest count 25. For even larger parties, the Westhive Kitchen with its large outdoor kitchen is suitable.


Westhive BBQ Rooftop Party
Westhive Rooftop Kitchen
Westhive Rooftop Kitchen
Westhive Rooftop Party Zürich


RAMONA ROMER, Head of Community Services

Are you interested in more information about our Dinners & Parties offering in our Rooftop Kitchen? Contact us – we will be happy to help you.


Colab Chefs

Jann M. Hoffmann

Jann M. Hoffmann is a restaurateur and chef with roots in Davos. Authentic basic products have always been a priority for him. For two decades, he shaped the gastro scene in Zurich, including as co-owner and chef of the Cafe Boy restaurant. He was also the head chef on the SRF3 radio show “SRF3 kocht fein.” Since 2019, he has been freelancing as a consultant and concept developer – and every now and then as a chef at the stove.