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A workplace for a day

You are in a different city and need a workplace at short notice? Your home office is not available at the moment or does not allow the necessary concentration? You are a digital nomad and working sometimes here, sometimes there?

For all these cases there is the Westhive Day Pass: From 39 francs it offers all the benefits of a Westhive membership. Simply book online, come by and cowork.

Basel Rosental

Our pearl in the quarter

In the Rosental quarter, to be precise. The city of Basel has big plans for the future development of the Rosental Areal. But the perfect coworking space already exists today. With restaurant, roof terrace and event location – directly between Badischer Bahnhof and Messe.

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Westhive Basel Rosental
Westhive Genf Pont-Rouge

Geneva Pont-Rouge

High in the Alto

The brand new Alto-Pont Rouge building houses the newest Westhive location. With two restaurants, conferencing center, fitness room and beautiful rooftop terrace, no wish is left unfulfilled. Voilà!

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Zug Tech Cluster

A touch of industrial luxury

This spectacular flexible workspace is located in the middle of the Tech Cluster Zug. In a fully developed and air-conditioned shed, industrial charm meets the future of office work.

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Im 1. Stock des Westhive Zug Tech Cluster
Event auf der Dachterrasse des Westhive Zürich Hardturm

Zurich Hardturm

Something good in the west

The Westhive location at Zurich Hardturm has a sensational total package: private offices, open space desks, event location, 2 restaurants, fitness room and much more. A big space for big plans – and small pleasures.

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Zurich Seestrasse

Built close to the water

Our space on Seestrasse promises concentrated work in a relaxed atmosphere. The lake next door: 2 minutes. The train station next door: also 2 minutes. Feeling good at work: all day long.

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Westhive Zürich Seestrasse
Westhive Zürich Stettbach Mitte

Zurich Stettbach Mitte

Right in the middle and close at hand

Located directly at the Stettbach train station – it’s 90 steps, we measured it – this space offers not only beautiful team offices but also its own restaurant. Coffee in the morning, lunch at noon, after work in the evening. But now let’s get to work!

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