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For culinary flights of fancy

Eating is urgent, everything depends on eating

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Our philosophy

Fresh and simple. It’s that easy.

That’s why we do everything ourselves. And that, in turn, is not so simple. But it’s simply better. Because we don’t want to offer just anything, but food that tastes good, fits and gives pleasure.

Our offer

What we can offer

Coffee break & team brunch

Daily lunch menu

After work cocktail & bar

Dinner with friends & teammates

Catering for meetings & events

cooking classes

Our restaurants

Logo: Westhive Kitchen

Westhive kitchen

Zurich Hardturm

The classic in the industrial quarter with a daily menu as well as fresh salads and sandwiches.

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Westhive Kitchen Zürich Hardturm
Westhive Kitchen Stettbach Mitte
Logo: Westhive Kitchen

Westhive Kitchen

Zurich Stettbach

Here, the daily menu tastes as good as the burger. Or would you prefer a sandwich?

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Logo: Westhive Kitchen

Westhive Kitchen

Basel Rosental

The Westhive Kitchen groove in Basel Rosental. Proven and good, with daily menu, sandwiches, burgers and salads.

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Westhive Kitchen Basel Rosental
Bill's Burger Zürich Hardturm
Logo: Westhive Kitchen

Bill's Burger

Zurich Hardturm

100% Angus Beef. Or 100% vegi. But always burgers. And always freshly prepared.

Logo: Westhive Kitchen

Rooftop Kitchen

Zürich Hardturm

Unsere Event-Küche mit Aussicht.

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Rooftop Kitchen im Westhive Zürich Hardturm