New Year, New Me. Almost everyone wants to use the beginning of the year to make positive changes in their lives. The most frequently mentioned resolutions include reducing stress, eating healthier, exercising more, saving money and fostering social contacts. However, many people find it difficult to keep their New Year’s resolutions, no matter how motivated they are at first. At Westhive, we’ll tell you how we can help you tackle the 5 most common resolutions and make them a success.

How to fulfil your New Year's resolutions in 2023
The 5 most common New Year’s Resolutions

#1 Reduce stress

Mental health is the top priority in 2023. A large part of the Swiss population often feels stressed and exhausted. Overload at work is one of the most common causes. The best way to reduce stress at work is to avoid time-consuming and tedious activities. At Westhive, we take care of your mail, keep your workspace clean, make sure your WiFi & printer infrastructure is up to scratch, and last but not least, make sure you have enough caffeine. And that’s exactly how you can spend each working day stress-free and focused on the tasks that really matter.

#2 Eat healthy

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is “eat healthy”. But implementing it in everyday life is not so easy. Cooking for yourself in the home office can sometimes be very exhausting, especially when you run out of menu ideas. And getting a kebab from the next best takeaway is tempting, but anything but healthy. That’s why our restaurant team prepares fresh and balanced menus every day. In addition, the large selection of tastefully prepared salads, soups and sandwiches makes it much easier to stick to your resolution. The best part? As a Westhive member, you benefit from a fantastic member discount. So, nothing stands in the way of your healthy diet in 2023.

Caeser Salad by our Westhive Kitchen Team

#3 Exercise

Now that the food is taken care of, you can do something good for your body. To move your body and get fitter, Westhive offers you the perfect solution! Our in-house gym is less than a 2-minute walk from your desk. And if you’re too tired to bench press, the studio is perfect for a little yoga session.

Westhive Gym – Zug Tech Cluster

#4 Save money

When furnishing new office space, this can quickly become expensive. Especially when office chairs and desks have to meet ergonomic requirements. At Westhive you kill two birds with one stone. Our offices are equipped with comfortable office chairs as well as height-adjustable desks, and you can also use our high-quality infrastructure with meeting rooms and event spaces. And what’s especially convenient is that you don’t have to think about costs for cleaning, facility management, energy, waste disposal or consumables.

#5 Find new friends

Fostering social contacts is our last resolution for 2023, but how? In the home office, the most you can do is meet your neighbor, when you’re shopping you concentrate on the shopping list and on the train, everyone stares at their mobile phone. In our coworking space you will find a large and lively community where you can not only expand your business network, but also make great friends. There are plenty of opportunities to do so: over a coffee, our free beer on Fridays or at one of our legendary Westhive Summer Parties.

Summer Event – Westhive Hardturm

As you can see, Westhive has everything you need to get started on your New Year’s resolutions. Now it’s up to you to become a Westhive member. The best thing to do, is to come by for a free trial day. We are looking forward to it.

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