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5 tips for a healthy work-life balance

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The world of work has evolved significantly in recent years and enabled employees in Switzerland to work from almost anywhere. This has led to an increase in people working from vacation destinations. As this might blur the boundaries between work and leisure time, it is important to actively create a healthy work-life balance.

SRF Puls has dedicated an insightful episode of the New Work trends of Home Office and Workation. Home Office is already well established in Switzerland, but the trend of “workation” is relatively new and is gaining more popularity. This is a work concept where individuals take their laptops to scenic outdoor locations to work remotely. This trend has become more prevalent as people seek fresh air and new surroundings to inspire creativity in beautiful holiday destinations.

While many embrace the flexibility and freedom that comes with remote work, there are also challenges associated with it. As work and personal environments blend together, called work-life-blending, it becomes increasingly important to set boundaries to prevent burnout and maintain mental well-being. With work always just a click away, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of free time and relaxation.

These 5 tips are the key to a healthy work-life balance:

  1. Develop a structure: become aware of your personal work rhythm and structure your workday accordingly with routines. This creates more stability and organization.
  2. Communicate your availability: Clearly communicate your working hours and availability to colleagues and clients to manage expectations and prevent overwork.
  3. Incorporate Movement: Integrate physical activity into your daily routine to promote overall well-being. Use a standing desk, work out or go for a walk.
  4. Prioritize Interaction with others: While remote work offers independence, it can also be isolating. Make sure that you regularly meet friends, people from work or a coworking community. Connect with others at a coffee break, over lunch, or at networking events.
  5. Set Clear Boundaries: Define boundaries between work and personal time to avoid work-related stress bleeding into your personal life. Establishing designated workspaces and unplugging from work during non-working hours are essential to maintain balance

In conclusion, New Work presents exciting opportunities for flexibility and autonomy in the modern workplace. By implementing strategies to maintain boundaries, communicate effectively, and prioritize well-being, individuals can thrive in this new era of work. As the documentary illustrates, striking a balance between work and life is essential for long-term success and fulfillment in the evolving landscape of work.

If you ever have trouble separating work from your private life or feel lonely in your home office, then come and work with us. At our coworking spaces, you can separate your work from your home, do sports, eat delicious lunches and connect with our community.

Find the full video from SRF Puls here