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Bill's Burger

Zurich Hardturm

«Bill's Burger» im Westhive Zürich Hardturm
Bill's Burger
Bill's Burger

Bill’s Burger with its 60s diner feel invites you to cozy aperitifs and networking events. The Green Room, Studio 161 and the Hall of Fame are directly connected and allow guests to relax at your event. The burger and hot dog in American style can’t be missed.

Combination Options

If required, you can book the following adjacent rooms for your event. This provides more space for your guests and additional usage options. We will be happy to advise you on the optimal combination and prepare an customized quote.

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Event-Raum «Hall of Fame» im Westhive Zürich Hardturm

Hall of Fame

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«Studio 161» im Westhive Zürich Hardturm

Studio 161

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«Green Room» im Westhive Zürich Hardturm

Green Room

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Meeting-Raum «Think Big» im Westhive Zürich Hardturm

Think Big

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Meeting-Raum «First Row» im Westhive Zürich Hardturm

Breakout Rooms

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