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For Business and Pleasure

Westhive is the perfect place for your event in Zurich, whether you want to organize a conference, launch a new product, or host your Christmas staff party. We accommodate up to 120 people in a cinema/conference setting and up to 200 people in a cocktail reception. The event location in Zurich is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, including a top-notch projector and retractable screen plus a sound system and microphones.

We also host Hackathons and other events that last up to 48 hours and make use of the entire space: our open space work areas and our meeting rooms. We are sure we will find the perfect solution for your event. If you are interested in renting our space or if you want to learn more about our event location, please contact us.

Our Event Location

  • Capacity for 120 – 200 people
  • High-end projector with canvas
  • SONOS sound system
  • TV screens
  • Hand-held microphones & headset
  • 300 sqm event space
  • Table soccer
  • Popcorn machine
  • Inhouse catering service
  • Meeting rooms for 6 – 60 people

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Ramona Romer

Ramona Romer

Head of Community Services

Delicious Food For A Great Event

Our Westhive Kitchen team will take care of all the culinary needs of your guests, from little nibbles and tasty bites for receptions to menus for standing dinners – and even a full bar if you wish. Our specialty is the «Tavolata», where we serve our homemade dishes on large wooden boards and bowls.

Our New Event Location:

Now open!

Bill’s Burger

Bill’s Burger with its 60s diner feeling invites you to cozy apéros and networking events. The Green Room, Studio 161 and the Hall of Fame are directly connected and allow guests to relax at your event. The Burger and HotDog American-Style should not be missed.

Bill's Burger
Green Room

Green Room

The Green Room offers the perfect setting for your apéro after the exciting keynote in the Hall of Fame. The Green Room is a great place to have a drink or a beer on tap. Networking almost takes care of itself.

  • 75 m2 for up to 35 people
  • Speaker system & Sonos-system

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame offers exactly what you need for your extraordinary event. Great ambience paired with the latest technology. Whether it’s the keynote with multiple speakers and video recording, your product presentation or even the formal general assembly; in the Hall of Fame everything can be customized according to your needs.

The Hall of Fame offers the following highlights::

  • up to 200 people (theater seating)
  • up to 100 persons (flying dinner / standing apéro)
  • up to 60 persons (Tavolata, long table)
  • up to 200 persons (street food)
  • Screen with 185 inches (4.7 m)
  • Ultra bright laser projector
  • High performance speaker system & Sonos system
  • 2x conference cameras with 4K recording
  • Headsets, handheld microphones & Sennheiser ceiling microphone
  • Presentation stage
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
Studio 161

Studio 161

The almost 92 m2 large Studio 161 is perfect for your event with up to 70 people. State-of-the-art technology combined with a cozy ambience and perfect flexibility. Furthermore, additional locations can be booked as needed.

Studio 161 offers the following highlights:

  • up to 70 persons (theater seating)
  • up to 50 persons (flying dinner / standing apéro / standing lunch)
  • Screen with 144 inches (3.66 m)
  • Ultra-bright laser projector
  • Speaker system & Sonos system
  • Headsets and handheld microphones

Breakout Rooms

The new Westhive event location also offers the possibility to rent up to 4 breakout rooms. All rooms are equipped with large screens and workshop equipment and can be booked individually to suit the event.

  • 4 rooms with 15 m2 to 50 m2
  • All rooms with 75″ TV-screens or screen and beamer
  • Whiteboards and workshop equipment
Think Big
Grundrissplan der Event Location «Backstage» im Westhive Zürich Hardturm

Our Well-know Event Location:

Westhive Kitchen is a young urban restaurant for Westhive coworkers and many guests from the neighbourhood. Its flexible space concept allows many use cases from cozy dinners to more festive events or club-style parties.

The room hosts

  • up to 180 people (standing reception/party)
  • up to 60 people (seated)
  • up to 40 people (long table)

Room rent includes the following equipment:

  • Projector & projection screen
  • Sonos soundsystem
  • 3 flatscreens
  • DJ desk
  • Microphones (handsets & headsets)
  • 2 soccer tables

Westhive Zurich Hardturm: How to get there

The tram station «Fischerweg» is situated exactly opposite of our coworking space. From «Zürich HB» train station, this is a 10 minute ride by Tram 17. And from «Bahnhof Hardbrücke» train station, this is a  7 minute ride by Tram 8. Click here for the timetable.

If you are travelling by car, please use the P West parking nearby.

And if you are coming from abroad: A taxi or public transport will take you from Zurich Airport to Westhive Zurich Hardturmstrasse in about half an hour.

Westhive Zürich Hardturm

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